Sell Your Car OC

The Challenge

Sell Your Car OC was a brand new business that was founded as a way to solve the inventory struggles that dealerships were faced with in the recent years. They came to us looking to generate qualified leads for individuals that are looking to sell their vehicles so they can effectively acquire vehicles without having to deal with auctions or trade-ins. 

Packages Used

Here are the different packages that OC Wrap Shop used to achieve their goals

Lead Generation

Web Design

SEO Growth

Created Website & Developed Landing Pages

Worked with the client to understand their business, target market, and what types of vehicles they were looking to acquire so we can create a website tailored to their needs.  We also developed targeted landing pages to help them drive conversions.

Professional Web Design & Content

We designed and built a professional website that not only helped them stand out from the competition but was also built to convert. We also wrote quality content for the site that was aimed at their target market.

Landing Pages Optimized To Convert

We created targeted landing pages with clear call-to-actions that helped improve conversions. We also conducted A/B testing to further optimize the pages for maximum results.

Generated Qualified Buying Opportunities

In addition to helping them acquire the vehicles they wanted, we also generated qualified buying opportunities. We did this by running targeted ad campaigns that drove traffic to the client’s website and landing pages.

Thanks to our paid advertising strategy, the Sell Your Car OC was able to generate a steady stream of qualified leads that helped them grow their business.

Implemented Google Paid Ads

In order to help the client target potential customers, we implemented a Google paid advertising campaign. We targeted relevant keywords that were associated with the types of vehicles the client was looking to acquire.

Setup & Managed Social Media Ads

In addition to Google Ads, we also setup and managed Facebook advertising campaigns for the client.  We targeted potential customers based on their interests and demographics.

Grew Organic Visibility & Traffic

Sell Your Car OC was a brand new website with  no search engine visibility when we started working with them. Through our SEO efforts, we were able to help them rank for relevant keywords and grow their organic traffic.

Improved Visibility For All Their Target Vehicles

We helped Sell Your Car Oc improve their visibility for several search terms that were related to the types of vehicles they’re looking to aquire. 

Increased Organic Traffic by 352.87%

In less than 12 months, we were able to help the client increase their organic traffic by 352.87% and help them fuel their leads by connecting them with qualifed individuals that were looking to sell their vehicles. 

Reduced Lead Response Times

One of the main problems that the Sell Your Car OC was facing was that they were having trouble contacting their leads right away. This was due to the fact that they were receiving a large number of leads and they didn’t have the manpower to contact them all immediately. Thanks to our powerful automations, we were able to help them reduce their lead response times and make sure that they were able to contact their leads in a timely manner.

Automatic Texts For New Leads & Missed Calls

We setup automatic texts for new leads and missed calls so that the client would never miss an opportunity to contact a lead

Connect With Ease With Automatic Lead Call Connect

We also implemented an automatic lead call connect feature so that the client could quickly and easily connect with their leads. This helped them save time and improve their lead response times.

Improved Conversions With Automatic Follow Ups

In addition to helping the client improve their lead response times, we also helped them improve their conversions with automatic follow ups. We setup automatic follow up emails and texts so that the client could stay in touch with their leads and nurture them until they were ready to buy.

Implemented Automatic Follow Ups

We implement automatic follow up automations to ensure they’re making multiple contact attempts automatically for every lead. 

Improved Customer Responses With Automations

We also added powerful automations that nurtured unresponsive leads automatically through text and emails which helped improve their response rates.

Our Results Verus Their Other Agency

We were able to completely dominate their previous marketing agencies results and lower their cost per results drastically. Although their previous marketing agency was powered by we were still able to generate them over 7000% more leads

11,753% Lower Cost Per Qualified Lead

We were able to help the client reduce their cost per qualified lead by 11,753%. We did this by generating more leads and improving the quality of their leads.

Generated 7,350% More Qualified Leads

We were able to generate over 7,350% more qualified leads compared their previous agency

Over 387% More Website Traffic & Reach

We also helped grow their traffic and reach by over 387% within the first 3 months compared to their previous agency. 

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